Harshdeep Kahlon

Thanks for visiting my website! I'm currently a freshman Computer Science major at the University of Scranton.

University of Scranton

Freshman Year | 3.93 GPA

Part of the Royal Scholars and Magis Honors Program

Projects and Languages

These are the current projects that I am working on. In addition, my known programming languages are listed.

BuildCores: Mobile PC Building

Built in Swift and Objective-C, BuildCores allows users to experiment with over 10 million different PC part combinations. It has over 10,000 downloads.

BuildCores Cross-platform

A quicker and faster BuildCores app for iOS and Android built with the Flutter framework.


Swift, Java, JavaScript, Dart, Kotlin, HTML/CSS


XCode, IntelliJ Idea, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, jGrasp

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